Good Story Challenge: Invent-a-Thon

3:30 PM, Feb 8, 2013   |    comments
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LOCKPORT, NY - Today is day eight of our good stories challenge, and this morning's story comes from the bright and inventive young minds of Regan Intermediate School in the Starpoint District.

The district held its 18th annual "Invent-a-Thon" last night.

Almost 200 3rd to 5th grade students work alone or in pairs to come up with new inventions that solve problems, make tasks easier or safer, or help the handicapped or the elderly.

For instance, 4th grader Paisley Messer came up with "Baby Steps," a temporary lower handrail for toddlers to make it easier to get up and down stairs.

"My partner was actually looking around my house and said, we could do something about the loose handrail, and then I said, we could do something for old people, and we worked out a design for that but it was really complex, so we decided to do something a little simpler for little kids," says Paisley.

Watch the video above to see more inventions.

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