Dr. Corasanti Scheduled to be Released Today

2:16 AM, Apr 12, 2013   |    comments
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Video: Corasanti Scheduled to be Released April 14

Dr. Corasanti in court awaiting sentence.

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- The man convicted of a misdemeanor DWI following the accident that left a Getzville teenager dead in 2011 is scheduled to be released from jail April 14.  However, it looks like he will be released today.

WEB EXTRA:  For more information on the Corasanti trial, check out wgrz.com/corasanti.

Doctor James Corasanti is scheduled to get out of jail after serving eight months of his one year sentence connected to the accident that killed 18-year-old Alix Rice.

According to DWI attorney Mike Taheri, Corasanti's good behavior is what is getting him out before serving his entire sentence.

"There's nothing unusual about that. Most inmates, and the vast majority of the cases, comply with any of the treatment recommendations or suggestions, they comply with the rules and regulations of the facility where they're incarcerated, so the one third is very commonly granted so long as the inmate is not disrupted or committed any crimes," says Taheri.

And, Taheri adds that once Corasanti gets out, he can get back behind the wheel if he wants to.

"He is free to go and apply for a driver's license at the Department of Motor Vehicles, he is free to go back home, he has no parole, he has no probation, he has no reporting requirements to any New York State agency or facility," he says.

Dr. Corasanti is also allowed to start practicing medicine again because he did not have to give up his medical license as part of his sentence.

"There was an agreement reached with the licensing board about certain monitoring and certain controls that he had to comply with, and I think there are also certain counseling requirements, and I'm sure he's going to comply with those, and so long as he does, he will be able to practice medicine," says Corasanti.

So bottom line as far as the law is concerned? Corasanti is a free man.

"His sentence has been completed, he has served the maximum as a matter of law, he is absolutely free, he is, you know as they say, paid his debt to society and now he goes about his business and the things he wants to get done for his future," says Taheri.

Channel 2 spoke with Alix Rice's father, Richard, and he told us that he wants to remind everyone that Dr. Corasanti only served time for drinking and driving, not for the death of his daughter who was his only child.

"I'm angry about this even happening," says Rice. "What happens to him can't change what already has happened. It's terrible. It's a nightmare. We don't get early release from the sentence we were handed through the loss of our daughter. We have to live with that for as long as we're here."


Richard Rice also confirms that Corasanti's civil trial is still scheduled to start in September.


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