WNY Woman Injured in Boston Bombing

11:36 PM, Apr 20, 2013   |    comments
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TOWN OF TONAWANDA, NY - A Town of Tonawanda woman who was hurt in Monday's bombings at the Boston Marathon is back home and speaking out for the first time.

Lisa Laski was standing just feet away from where the first bomb went off.

The wife and mother of two didn't want to be seen on camera but by phone she recalls the terrifying experience.

"The moment the bomb went off there was a ringing in my head," says Laski. "I had the sensation that I thought my legs were on fire. The back of my legs I thought they were on fire. And I just automatically remembered stop, drop and roll and I was just rolling around not realizing that I was rolling on top of people."

Lisa is now watching the story unfold from home, as she recovers from a ruptured ear drum and burns. She says she finds herself saying "I love you" more often now to her husband and 13 and 9 year old daughters.

"We're very lucky that I'm sitting here talking to you," says Lisa.

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