Top 7 best (and 5 worst) summer buys

6:31 PM, Jun 21, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, N.Y. -- You might have noticed by now that great deals often go hand-in-hand with one thing: Patience!

As summer heats up, so do the prices on some big buys. But amidst the markups also come some of the year's lowest prices.

Today, your look at which purchases to avoid and where you should stock up. Today I've teamed up with rising TV star and NYC economics student Alex Nykamp. Here's our list:

Top Deal Today:

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Great Summer Buys

1) School Supplies: Wait until the last week of July to get the lowest prices for all your back-to-school needs. We'll have those deals on Ways 2 Save.

2) Backyard Gear: This time next week you'll see some of the best deals of the year on items like splash pads and outdoor toys.

3) Camping Gear: Wait to get your hiking boots or tent until the week after the Fourth of July when the summer demand has fizzled.

4) Appliances: Around July 4 you'll be sure to see price drops of reminiscent of Black Friday reductions on all types of household appliances.

5) Furniture: Again, July 4 is the best time to furniture shop when savings almost mirror those of Black Friday.

6) Grills: By this point of the summer, most stores have a surplus, overestimating customer demand. You'll see superb price drops beginning Friday, June 28.

7) Vehicles: Now is a great time to score an amazing deal on an outgoing 2013 model or intercept a great 4th of July promotion on incoming 2014 models.


Bad Summer Buys

1) Televisions: Wait until October. We won't see the year's lowest prices on TVs until October as stores prepare for Black Friday.

2) Laptops: Wait until the back-to-school deals at the end of the summer to get a new laptop. We expect the lowest prices to come on Thursday, August 1.

3) Airfare: With the July 4 travel rush comes huge hikes in ticket prices! Avoid buying tickets for your next trip until after the holiday.

4) Summer Clothing: Right now, summer styles are at their highest prices. Wait until the last week of August to score the biggest discounts!

5) Apple Products: Avoid the products that were not updated at WWDC in June, such as the MacBook Pro, iPad, Mac Mini, iPhone and iMac. Wait until closer to Christmas when these items will most likely have been updated.


Stick to this list and you'll be sure to get the best deals on these big-ticket items!

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By Alex Nykamp and Matt Granite


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