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Famous Buffalo Bakery Closing

7:29 PM, Jul 9, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO -  Many Western New Yorkers are sad to hear a family run bakery that's been around for about forty years is closing its doors.

You can still find a spot to park at a famous bakery in Buffalo's Kaisertown. Go inside, you'll find people lined up for fresh donuts and cookies. It's a reason regulars are surprised to hear Pumpernick N' Pastry will close.

"Serious," customer DJ Jimerson said in disbelief. "Why are they closing and how long have they been there."

After 40 years, the family run business decided it's time to close. The owners have been struggling to keep up with taxes in a sluggish economy, while fewer customers have been coming in.

Over the last three years, sales at Pumpernick N' Pastry's have decreased 35 percent.  To cut back, the bakery started to close every Sunday and Monday during the week.

"The small businesses are having a hard time trying to keep up with economy," customer Nick Ellis said. "It's difficult for them to compete with all the big stores."

Part of Ellis's family tradition, is to buy cakes at Kaisertown for birthdays and celebrations. While its hard to say goodbye, Nick and other regulars will take a number - until the last customer is served.

"You lose a place like this and you lose character,"  Richard Eliah said. "Franchises don't make a city unique or pretty, they make them boring."

The bakery will close for good July 20th. The property and equipment will be auctioned off July 29th.

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