Richardson Olmsted Complex Plans Unveiled

12:22 AM, Aug 22, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY --- Clayton Hoyt is a rugby player for Buffalo State. Hoyt has a love for the sport and the field that has a unique back drop players identify with.

"I've heard stories about people who've snuck in there and looked around said they still have the beds and whatever. I haven't seen it and I don't believe it either way," Hoyt said.

This historic building built in the 1800's used to be a mental hospital and is considered an architectural landmark in the Queen City.

After sitting vacant for 40 years construction is starting to get underway to bring a place with old spirits back to life.

Tuesday people filed in to this packed auditorium -- to learn about plans in the works.

"What you have not been able to see for over a hundred years is the original rear wall which includes these really fantastic arches," Barbara Campagna said.

This is a sketch of what the front entrance to the Richardson Olmsted Complex would look like with an area for cars to drive up with luggage.

The plan is to convert the patient rooms in the old hospital ward buildings on each side of the towers into 88 boutique hotel rooms.

Then, the idea is to add event and conference spaces as well as a buffalo architect center.

"It's wonderful to see people celebrating that we've been able to bring this whole building back to life,it will be occupied again, this south lawn will be used," Christopher Greene said.

The south lawn landscaping is almost complete and will serve as a park with paths to walk on and views of the historic landmark.

The change is good news for surrounding homeowners who hope property values will go up while keeping buffalo history preserved.

"Its history and part of Buffalo's fabric," Christopher Greene said.

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