Buffalo School Board Votes to Keep Pamela Brown

12:09 PM, Sep 26, 2013   |    comments
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Buffalo School Superintendent Pamela Brown

Buffalo, NY -- Wednesday night, a proposal by School Board member Carl Paladino to remove Dr. Brown from her post as superintendent failed.  That measure failed with five "no" votes. But members Licata, Paladino, Sampson and McCarthy voted to dismiss the Superintendent.

Paladino wanted to terminate Brown's contract without cause. He has repeatedly said she is not qualified for the position.

Board members each got three minutes before voting on whether to essentially fire Brown, but before that, Brown defended her actions and spoke about her accomplishments over the past year.

Brown said that after the accepted the position, she found out that there were more challenges than she knew about before she accepted the job. She also cited increases in graduation rates over the past year. She also said that instead of the infighting, the district should focus on all of its accomplishments.

The student rep on the board also spoke before the vote voicing his support for Brown. He called the school board a reality show and called for maturity.

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