Texas Home Hits Market With $19-million Price Tag

1:45 PM, Feb 15, 2012   |    comments
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For $19 million you can own one of the Houston area's most expensive houses.

DanMar Manor is located in The Woodlands.

The $19 million price tag includes everything inside.

The 30,700-square-foot mansion has three elevators, nine kitchens, eight bedroom suites, two one-bedroom apartments and 18 bathrooms on its four acres of land.

"Everyone needs a bathroom," interior designer Miriam Fatheree said. "Every bedroom suite has its own feel, so we ended up naming the bedrooms because originally, it just made it simpler."

Dan and Marian Spence are the "Dan" and "Mar" in DanMar Manor.

The home was built in 2006.

"Dan and Marion wanted to build a home that reflected what they were able to do in their lives," Fatheree said.

Their portrait hangs in the 3,000-square-foot master suite.

The master bath is described as "breathtaking," complete with a personal salon area and relaxation pod.

The massive house took three years to build because every nook and cranny was shaped to fit a specific piece of furniture.

One room was built around one piece of furniture that was already purchased.

Some features, like the 42 chandeliers, 12 custom fireplaces and 22 couches are easy to spot.

But 12 mini-refrigerators are hidden for convenience.

The main office has a secret room.

A 1950s-styled concession room is on the third floor, right outside the movie theater.

The pool house features a full kitchen, a bathroom with a shower and a living area with a fireplace.

The only thing missing is a big southern-style staircase to greet visitors.

Instead, Danmar's entryway is open with a sparkling chandelier and a birdcage elevator -- one of three.

"We were looking for something that would be grand that would give you a good impact," Fatheree said.

As for the property's annual tax bill -- it's $137,364.

So why are the owner's selling?

They are looking to downsize.

They don't have any maids, so Marion Spence cleans the place herself.

Dan Spence earned his success in the oil and natural gas industries.

He's now a retired consultant.


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