Woman Claims Chicken McNugget Looks Like George Washington

6:05 PM, Feb 24, 2012   |    comments
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Three years ago Rebekah Speight was cleaning up her kids' Chicken McNuggets at a Sioux City, Iowa McDonald's when she noticed one was looking back at her.

"I picked it up for a closer look, and I was just like 'This is George Washington," said Speight.

She found the poppable president mixed in amongst the McNuggets.

A debatable depiction, but if you look in the right light...

"The hairline right here, the eye," said Speight, pointing at the McNugget.

Rebekah took "McWashington" home and stuffed him in the fridge.

He gets out now and then for special occasions.

"We just show friends as they come over. We say 'Hey look at this'," said Speight.

On Sunday she had a revelation.

Her church, the Family Worship Center, needs about $15,000 to send some of their kids to summer camp.

"God really prompted me to put it on eBay," said Speight.

So she did, even though, putting a poultry politician up for sale sounded a little weird at first.

"I thought it was just crazy," said Family Worship Center Pastor Bill Yanney.

In the one hour it was up, Rebekah got a bid for $100.

"I believe that the Lord is really going to bless this effort. And, you know, the funds are going to come," said Speight.

"I'm like this is real, this is really happening here. So I'm excited about it," said Yanney.

She's hoping Washington will earn her, and her church, a few Benjamins.

The bidding ends on eBay March 1st.

Wednesday was Washington's birthday.

He was born in Virginia in 1732, and never ate a McNugget.


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