Investigative Post: Why Won't Election Law Officials Investigate?

2:45 PM, May 15, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, N.Y. - The crime - or at least the appearance of one - is out there in plain sight.

The intended victim is prepared to testify.

But the investigators are nowhere to be found; not even curious, they say.

Prosecutors and Board of Election officials agree that state election law prohibits the offering of public employment in exchange for running, or not running, for office.

"You're not supposed to do that," said Erie County District Attorney Frank Sedita.

But Sergio Rodriquez, Buffalo's Republican candidate for mayor, said in a televised interview taped March 18 that unnamed GOP operatives dangled a job offer in front of him as an enticement for bowing out of the campaign.

"There have been offers made," Rodriquez said.

So, why won't the Erie County elections commissioners investigate? Visit the Investigative Post site to read more of Jim Heaney's report.

Investigative Post

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