Man Speaks in Voices, Restrained During Exorcism

7:34 AM, Nov 14, 2012   |    comments
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Written by Melissa Rancourt

TAMPA BAY, Florida -- There have been hundreds of documented exorcisms all around the word. Men, women, and children possessed by evil spirits not of this world.

Even more disturbing, according to published reports, exorcisms are thriving in the U.S.

Archbishop Sherwin Smith of the United Kingdom of Christ fellowship has performed hundreds of exorcisms, many done right here in the Bay area.

In one case, an exorcism took place during a church service.

The man was speaking in voices and had to be restrained by several men. During the exorcism, his eyes remained fixated on the archbishop.

But then, the evil spirit appeared to concede to prayer.

Preparing for an exorcism is detailed and meticulous. Church clergy gather to investigate a case involving a woman named "Mary." Then a decision is made on when and how the exorcism will be done.

Archbishop Smith told us Mary needed an exorcism because of past transgressions. But facing her fear is now her biggest enemy.

This exorcism took place in a quiet, peaceful, and specially prepared room.

Mary appeared relaxed but apprehensive. The exorcist prayed, doused himself with holy water, and prepared to face evil.

It's not long before the prayers begin and the exorcist begins attacking the evil spirit in Mary.

Afterwards, Mary remembered very little. She says, "From the moment I walked out of the room, [there was] lightness in me. I didn't have heaviness."

For Archbishop Smith, another battle with evil had been won, but he knows the war with the Devil is far from over.


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