Buffalo Police Commission Member Arrested in Raid

11:53 PM, Mar 4, 2011   |    comments
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  • US Attorney's Office Talks About Raid
  • Genesee Street
  • Ricky Allen Sr., courtesy: Facebook

BUFFALO, N.Y. - A major drug raid early this morning involved numerous arrests, including a man who had been working as a volunteer member of the Buffalo Police Reorganization Commitee and the brother of Buffalo's First Deputy Police Commissioner.

Federal agents raided the Afro-Dogs Motorcycle Club located at 1095 Genesee Street in Buffalo just before 6 Thursday morning.  Investigators had been watching the club and its members since October 2009 after authorities got word that a major cocaine trafficking operation was running out of the warehouse.  Ricky Allen was arrested and his home on Roosevelt Street in Buffalo was also raided Thursday.  Police seized cocaine, cash and weapons from the home.  Allen was charged with intent to distribute cocaine and obstruction of justice.  He was appointed by Buffalo Common Council member Bonnie Russell to serve as the chairman of the Buffalo Police reorganization committee.  Russell told our Scott Brown she was "shocked" to hear of Allen's arrest.

"He was a community person, he lived on Roosevelt Avenue where I have one of the strongest block clubs and they never complained about him, or his home. If they had, they would have taken it to the police commissioner themselves, they're all about business."

U.S. Attorney William Hochul said Thursday that Allen tipped off other members of Afro-Dogs about narcotics search warrants being executed.

Buffalo Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda says that Allen found out about the warrants at a police reorganization committee meeting where Derenda told the committee that warrants were going to be executed.

While speaking to the media Thursday afternoon, Derenda called Allen a "dope dealer masquerading as a community activist."

"Some things were said at a meeting about events coming up the following week and he {Allen} took that and researched it and found out about warrants that we were going to go out on -- 100 in 2 days -- and used that information in the wrong way."

The Vice President of the Roosevelt Avenue Block Club, Jennie Isome told 2 On Your Side she was "shocked and saddened," by Allen's arrest.  Isome said that Allen, "is a good person and a nice intelligent man," who had offered to help out the block club.

Dale Lockwood was also arrested Thursday morning.  He is the brother of Byron Lockwood, the deputy commissioner of the Buffalo Police Department, the number 2 guy in command.  A source tells
Channel 2 that although Police Commissioner Dan Derenda knew for months about the investigation, Byron Lockwood was informed that his brother was a target early Thursday morning as the raids were being conducted.

South District Councilmember Mickey Kearns established the Police Reorganization Commission, he told our Marissa Bailey that he had "no comment" regarding Allen's arrest.

Click on the video link above to see Marissa Bailey's report.


Community reaction to the arrests

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