Kelly's Blog: Throwing Trash

10:27 PM, Jun 2, 2013   |    comments
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I saw Ron's blog about the trash. Right after I read it, on the way home I saw two people throw cigarette butts out of their windows as they were driving. What's up with that? My drive home isn't even that long. Not only is it littering and gross, it's also a fire hazard. I've covered several major wildfires (one huge one in Glacier National Park in Montana that was quite scary, and we weren't even allowed that close). I covered one last year in Arkansas that was started by a road crew contracted by the highway department to mow the grass. A blade from the equipment sparked, causing this massive fire forcing hundreds of people out of their homes. They were just doing their jobs, but the people throwing the cigarettes out of their windows... they really grind my gears!

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