6 Hour Plane Ride To Buffalo From Chicago

12:17 PM, Aug 19, 2013   |    comments
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Buffalo, NY (June 26th) -- I've been in many severe thunderstorms over the years, but it was my first time sitting in an airplane when severe weather directly hit.

It was Monday evening when my flight at O'Hare was already delayed 45 minutes so I was happy to board at about 5:45pm for the 6pm departure. Sitting in my seat getting set for the about 1 hour and 20 minute flight back to Buffalo, I looked out the window and saw thick dark clouds. I quickly checked the radar and confirmed there was severe weather nearby. The radar showed a line of severe thunderstorms with damaging winds of 70mph coming our way momentarily.

Just then the gust front hit us and the plane was moving back and forth. The staff loading up the luggage quickly ran inside. Better safe than sorry, but I didn't think it would take more than four hours to wait out a line of storms already moving through the area, while sitting on the plane.

After about 45 minutes of waiting they let the staff finish loading bags and we were moving to the runway. As we waited in the long line for take off, we heard over the speaker that we had to fly around the line of storms now ahead of us, so a new flight path was being made. We needed to park and wait until we received the updated path. I peered out the window and realized there were at least five other planes doing the same thing.

Another 45 minutes went by and we started moving. Finally back to Buffalo! Not quite. The speaker sounded again. The new flight path had been received but it would take us way north and then down through Toronto so the plane didn't have enough gas. We needed to go back to the gate and get more fuel and then get back into the hour long line for take off. Wow, this was getting long.

At the gate, we were offered some water, no food. At about 9:12pm we were told we were almost ready to get in line to take off. We finally left Chicago around 10pm and FINALLY landed in Buffalo about midnight.

You never know what delays are going to happen at O'Hare. Maybe I'll fly through Midway next time.

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