Bills, EJ On the Right Track

10:29 AM, Sep 30, 2013   |    comments
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Let's give the Bills front office some credit for what right now seem like great moves.

First hiring Doug Marrone. Certainly the jury is still out but so far so good. You didn't like game one against the Patriots when the Bills didn't slow things down to milk the clock ? Fair enough. Overall I think he's done a great job. He put together a strong staff and most importantly he seems to have great two way communication with his players. He had one minor issue with the media during training camp about what was going on with Mario Williams but so what ? Pick it apart any way you want but I think he's well on his way to establishing himself as a top notch NFL head coach.

More kudos to the front office for their draft this year. Numerous rookies are making big time contributions. My focus is quarterback EJ Manuel.

I already think he's the best quarterback the Bills have had since Jim Kelly retired. Think of the others. Would you really rather have any of them besides EJ ? He's played all of four regular season games and already shown more of whatever you want to call it than all of them put together.

I say that knowing that EJ has a long way to go and that there will be more growing pains. He had a tough game on the road against the Jets. I believe he will get better in road games and it will happen fast. It doesn't mean they're going to win them all it just means I think he will continue to make great strides.

Did you really have any confidence that any of those others after Kelly could consistently lead the Bills on late game game winning drives ?  Doug Flutie had some magic but eventually opponents figured him out.  Rob Johnson was a classic example of what I call a "coach fooler." Looks great in practice, has all the tools, but in games when it matters did not deliver.  Drew Bledsoe had six good games with the Bills and that was it. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a journeyman backup quarterback who is making a great living in the NFL. If I forgot anyone and I'm sure I did its because they are forgettable. Oh yeah, Todd Collins. Career backup and I still might be forgetting someone. Obviously one reason this franchise has floundered for so long is because they haven't had a franchise quarterback.

The best news is we can forget them all because EJ Manuel is now the man for the Bills. While he is still a work in progress I'll take my chances with him instead of any of those others who have followed number 12. We know there will never ever be another one like Jim Kelly but I think the Bills decision makers got it right with EJ Manuel. Great things are coming with EJ. How fast they get here no one knows but they're coming ! 





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