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Lawmakers, Parents, Look For Answers on Common Core

11:44 PM, Nov 19, 2013

Akron High School town hall forum geared to gathering concerns for possible changes by State Legislature.

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Daybreak Fun Moments
You Paid for It

Product Test: Forever Fragrant Fresh Sticks

We bought the Forever Fragrant Fresh Sticks, available online for $10 plus shipping and handling. The product promises to eliminate odors for two years.

9:52 AM, Jun 19, 2013

Passenger Killed in Route 33 Accident Identified

 Buffalo Police continue to investigate a deadly crash that happened over the weekend on the 33 on-ramp near Elm Street.

11:07 PM, Jun 24, 2013

Florida Builds Home Out of Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are extremely durable designed to withstand high winds, salt water and hold 60,000 lbs. so why not stack them and turn them into a house?

4:36 PM, Nov 16, 2012

Jim And Jill Kelly Talk About What Saved Their Marriage In "Without A Word"

Following their son Hunter's death, the public saw former NFL quarterback Jim Kelly and his wife Jill as a seemingly happy couple, but the private reality was very different.

3:56 PM, Sep 9, 2010

Keeping the Butter Lamb Tradition Alive

What would the traditional Easter fare at the Broadway Market be without the butter lambs?

9:04 PM, Mar 30, 2012

Buffalo Man Part of "Captain Phillips": Real Life Pirate Story

The movie, "Captain Phillips," about the captain and crew of a U.S. Merchant Marine ship taken captive in 2009 by Somali pirates opened Friday.

1:21 AM, Oct 12, 2013

Buffalo Lawmakers Okay Settling Cancer Suit Related To Mesothelioma

 Pending control board approval a former Buffalo police officer with a rare type of cancer, will be awarded $1.7 million to settle a $7 million dollar lawsuit.

11:21 AM, May 5, 2011

Police Investigate Deadly Accident On I-290

An 18-year-old man is dead, following an accident on the I-290 westbound early Thursday morning.

5:35 PM, Apr 11, 2013

Fatal Car Crash Victim is the Son of Retired Fire Chaplain

A night out with friends turned tragic for a 21-year old Buffalo man. Jireh Williams, 21, was a back seat passenger in a vehicle that police say was speeding and possibly racing another car.

3:38 PM, Jun 27, 2013

Buffalo Boy Overcomes Odds To Become Baseball Star

Sometimes we can't help but root for the underdog in sports and in life. That makes it easy to pull for 15 year-old Josh Oakley of Buffalo, who overcame difficult odds to do something remarkable Thursday.

10:26 PM, Apr 26, 2013

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