Guess Which State Has The Highest Gas Taxes?

11:41 PM, Apr 11, 2012   |    comments
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Buffalo, N.Y. - When you fill up at the gas station, New York has all sorts of taxes with all sorts of names.

There's a Petroleum Business Tax of close to 18 cents a gallon that's imposed on distributors and passed on to all of us.

There's a state motor fuel tax of eight cents a gallon.

There's the state sales tax, which is capped at eight cents a gallon

And there's something called a Petroleum Testing Fee, at a half penny per ten gallons.

Add it all up and it comes to 34 cents a gallon in taxes, the highest state taxes in the nation.

2 On Your Side's Scott Brown spoke with an analyst from

Scott Brown: "Do you know what a Motor Fuel tax is, or a Petroleum Business Tax?"

Greg Laskoski, "I have no clue, I'd love to learn because it's amazing, it really is. Those taxes sound awfully redundant to me it's just nonsense. How many petroleum fees does a state need, really it's ludicrous."

When you add in state, federal and local taxes, Connecticut is first, or worst, in the nation at a total of 71.4 cents a gallon

New York is second at 67.4 cents a gallon

And California is third at 67 cents a gallon.

The lowest in the country: South Carolina with a total of just over 35 cents a gallon, about half of what we pay here in New York.

The State Budget Office points out that except for the sales tax, the other gas taxes go to road and bridge repairs and mass transit funding, although a lot of that mass transit money goes to New York City for its subway and bus system.































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