Western New Yorkers Receive Insurance Cancellation Notices

12:48 PM, Nov 10, 2013   |    comments
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AMHERST -- 600 members of the  Amherst Chamber of Commerce received notices from insurance providers like Blue Cross letting them know their insurance will soon be canceled.

Just like a company may provide insurance plans from insurance companies for employees, the Amherst Chamber of Commerce does the same thing for its members.

The Chamber of Commerce President tells us the policies are being cancelled because they don't meet the federal essential health benefits required.

"That doesn't mean they are not going to have insurance. It doesn't mean there's not insurance they qualify for. It just means their individual policies no longer exist," COC President Colleen DiPirro said.

Under the Affordable Care Act there are 10 essential health  benefits insurance plans must offer, including things like maternity and newborn care, mental health, pediatric services including oral and vision care.

 "We would like the president to admit that it's a mistake to force a one size fits all plan with significantly higher costs onto americans who don't need a particular coverage. "

Congressman Chris Collins explains that's why lawmakers are pushing for a bill that would delay the requirement for up to a year allowing insurance companies to offer policies they've offered in the past.

"We're just suggesting, lets hit the pause button for the next twelve months - lets allow companies to continue to offer policies and meet the needs of their employees," Congressman Collins said.

The chamber is offering workshops -- to help people navigate the state exchange or find a policy individuals can still possibly turn to under their current insurance providers.

"Every person in the United States who had a plan that did not comply with this benefits received this letter," DiPirro said.

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