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Javad's Mailbag: Week 10

5:37 PM, Nov 16, 2013

Javad rocks the denim shirt while he answers all your crazy questions from the Bills, to the Sufferers to gibberish. Watch it all here ...

Australian Tycoon Unveils Titanic II Plans

Flamboyant Australian tycoon Clive Palmer unveiled his plan Saturday for building a perfect replica of the Titanic -- plus a lot of extra lifeboats.

10:01 PM, Mar 2, 2013

Western New York Family Hoping to Bring Canine Helper Home

Sassy is not just a companion for 5 year old Jonathan.  He can help him with his rare form of epilepsy, but it will cost $15,000.  You can make a difference.

12:49 AM, Feb 4, 2012

Fatal Head-On Crash in Darien

One woman has died and three others are in the hospital following a serious three vehicle crash in Darien.

4:57 PM, Oct 22, 2012

Buffalo Tae-Kwon-Do Student Earns Black Belt

Challenges are something Cory Stocnyski is a little too familiar with. He has lived with asperger's, an autism disorder his entire life. But on Saturday Cory faced the ultimate test, earning his black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

11:16 PM, Aug 23, 2010

Olean General Alerts Patients to Possible Insulin Pen Re-Use

Olean General Hospital is sending information packets to some 1,900 patients who were treated with an insulin pen between November, 2009 and January 16th, 2013.

12:14 AM, Jan 25, 2013

Akron Hockey Team Heads to Championship Game

They're not Team USA, but they've come a long way in the last few years. A group of kids who wanted to play hockey didn't have a team of their own. Now, the pride of Akron is getting ready for the championship game.

1:19 AM, Feb 25, 2010

Bigfoot In The Adirondacks

Whitehall, NY has been a hot bed of Bigfoot activity for hundreds of years.

8:59 AM, Oct 28, 2013

Prostitution Arrest at Motel in Amherst

Amherst Police say they arrested two Buffalo women for prostitution Thursday.

8:51 AM, Jan 28, 2013

Teamsters Union Sues Erie County over Holding Center

Local 264 named the county, County Executive Chris Collins and Sheriff Tim Howard as respondents in the filing filled Wednesday morning.

10:02 PM, Oct 14, 2011

Council to Vote on Chippewa Co-Mingling Law

The Buffalo Common Council will soon vote on limiting the number of nights the "Under 21" crowd can visit the Entertainment District. It is a move that has bar owners divided.

8:58 AM, Mar 16, 2012

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