Two Crashes at Geneseo Air Show

1:30 PM, Jul 10, 2011   |    comments
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  • Photo Courtesy Democrat & Chronicle

GENESEO, NY - Two pilots of World War I reproduction planes  are lucky to be alive following not one, but two crashes at Saturday's air show.

The accidents happened around noon at the Geneseo Air Show which is in Livingston County, southwest of Rochester. 

Our Daybreak producer Grant DeBruin was there and caught some of the flights on tape.

He says the pilot of this green Fokker triplane with the German markings over-corrected and ended up crashing into a cornfield as he tried to make an emergency landing.

One pilot from the first crash was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. The second pilot was also taken to the hospital to be treated for minor wrist and ankle injuries.

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