"Miracle" Crash Survivor Identified As Evans Woman

2:32 PM, Feb 2, 2012   |    comments
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EVANS, NY - A woman miraculously survived a horrific crash with two tractor trailers Wednesday afternoon on Route 20 between Eden Evans Center Road and Versailles Road.  Now one of the tractor trailer drivers has been ticketed.

Evans police have identified the woman who survived the crash as Erin Busch, 27, of Evans. An official with the Erie County Medical Center (ECMC) reported her condition to be "good" as of early Thursday afternoon.

The accident happened just before 4:20pm. Evans Police say a tractor trailer was stopped to make a left turn and Busch's Chevy Cobalt was stopped behind it. Police say a second tractor trailer came up from behind, didn't see the car, tried to swerve and hit the passenger side of the Cobalt. The car, in turn, slammed into the tractor trailer in front of it.

According to police that stretch of Rt. 20 has a speed limit posted at 55 mph and the tractor trailer was carrying a full load.

Police say her car's airbag is likely what saved Busch's life- and credited good samaritans with assisting her.

"Passers-by, everybody stopped and helped her get out of the car. There was fuel leaking from the vehicle. They were afraid it was going to explode. They helped pull her out through the driver's side window," says Evans Police Lt. Tom George. 

Police say she was talking at the scene before she was taken to ECMC. Police ticketed the driver of the second tracter trailer with following too close and driving with a suspended NY license. He's being held for arraignment.

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