Woman Accused of Murdering Her Husband Undergoes Tough Questioning

8:32 PM, Feb 28, 2012   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY - The Riverside woman accused of shooting her sleeping husband in the head underwent tough questioning by a prosecutor during her murder re-trial on Tuesday.

It was at one a.m. in November of 2005 when Robin Kalinowski said she was going to bed, her husband was already asleep.

Kalinowski testified that "I was scooping stuff off the bed, I was half asleep, I was shocked," she said when she grabbed a gun she claimed was on the bed and it went off.

Her defense attorney John Jordan asked Kalinowski if she had loaded the weapon and Kalinowski said no.

But prosecutor Tom Finnerty repeatedly questioned Kalinowski's version of events, saying "you're claiming you picked up the rifle and when it slipped, you put your finger on the trigger?"

Kalinowski said "I don't remember pulling the trigger, I just remember the rifle going off when I grabbed it."

Finnerty said to Kalinowski that her husband Kevin was known as "Mr. Gun Safety."

"Yes." Kalinowski answered.

Tom Finnerty: "Given that, you want the jury to believe that he fell asleep with a loaded rifle in bed that was chambered and the safety was off?"

"Yes," Kalinowski answered. 

Finnerty then pointed out there were no fingerprints on the rifle when it was tested by police.

"You wiped the prints off once you realized it was impossible for your husband to shoot himself in the back of the head didn't you?" Finnerty asked.

"No I did not," Kalinowski answered.

In a re-enactment for police shortly after the shooting, Kalinowski said she was a few feet away from her husband when she shot him.

But a county medical examiner testified that Kevin Kalinowski was killed by a shot less than a inch away from his head.

Finnerty: "The muzzle of the barrel was touching the back of his head when you pulled the trigger wasn't it?"

Kalinowski answered "I don't know how close I was."

Speaking of Kalinowski's explanation for the shooting Finnerty said: "This is really some coincidence?"

Kalinowski answered "it's a bad one."

On Monday, the former Erie County Medical Examiner testified that Kevin Kalinowski's death was no accident.

Dr. James Woytash testified that Kevin Kalinowski was killed by a gunshot wound directly to the back of the head.

"There was a burning of the skin around the wound," Woytash testified. "This was a contact gunshot wound and the manner of death was homicide."

Robin Kalinowski was convicted of murdering her husband Kevin back in 2009, but the conviction was overturned on a technicality.

Now the important back drop to all of this is that Kalinowski has admitted to having an affair with a co-worker about six months before she shot her husband.

Kalinowski is already serving time after pleading guilty to trying to hire someone to kill her former lover so he wouldn't be able to testify against her at her murder trial.

Late Monday afternoon, Kalinowski's defense attorney asked her if she ever thought about divorcing her husband.

"No," she said. Speaking about the affair she said "I was having a mid-life crisis. It was a dumb mistake."

Kalinowski also testified that she told a neighbor shortly after the shooting "I can't believe it ... I shot him but it was an accident."





















This is Robin Kalinowski's third trial for the murder of her husband. The first ended in an hung jury.

Kalinowski will continue to testify in her own defense Tuesday morning.

After that, she is expected to undergo a withering cross examination by prosecutors after that.

The case is expected to go to the jury later this week.

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