Ways 2 Save: $23 Kung Fu Master Juicer

11:45 AM, Nov 14, 2012   |    comments
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BUFFALO, N.Y. -- As we count down to Black Friday, I'll be hand-picking some huge deals each step of the way available early.

One of the most popular viewer requests I've received is for small kitchen appliances and mainly the "Kung Fu Master" line of products. Whether it's due to infomercial coverage or previous Ways 2 Save deals, there's no denying this product line's popularity.

So, that brings me to today's half-priced deal.

The stainless steel, quiet 85-watt electric juicer by Kung Fu Master is down to $22.99 + $5 shipping, down from its $50 MSRP. CLICK HERE (http://www.justdeals.com/stainless-steel-quiet-85w-electric-juicer-by-kung-fu-master)

Today's juicer, which performed very well in our tests, is ideal for making orange or grapefruit juice and lemonade, but I will caution you -- if you need a full juice-extracting machine, that will also drop from Kung Fu next week.

If you're looking for today's shopping app that I reviewed on-air, CLICK HERE (http://www.shopkick.com/).

As we countdown to Black Friday, here's a sneak peak of some of what I'm working on:

• Around-the-clock blogging of the biggest deals before they drop.


• Top hand-picked bargain hunters from every corner of the world weighing in to assist.

• A complete ranking of the top five deals in every category for every major store.

• Forget the ad scans! I'll have a breakdown of every deal at every major store in the form of a hand-checked stock lists.

• The only deal maps in the country, where you can see a store's deal layout before anyone else.

• A secret weapon to get you the deals first so you can "cut in line" digitally.

• Two other things I'm not allowed to mention just yet...


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