A Year's Worth of Mentoring Activities

10:58 AM, Jan 21, 2013   |    comments
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52 ideas, one for each week of the year:

1. Set your mentoring goals together.

2. Make dinner together.

3. Make popcorn and talk.

4. Go to a concert.

5. Tackle some homework.

6. Go out to dinner together.

7. Go to a movie.

8. Shoot some hoops.

9. Go to the library together.

10. Just hang out.

11. Figure out how to program your VCR/DVD.

12. Learn about pop music.

13. Talk about life.

14. Give a tour of your current job.

15. Talk about your first job.

16. Talk about planning a career.

17. Plan a career.

18. Get together with friends from work.

19. Visit a community college.

20. Visit a local technical school.

21. Talk about college.

22. Work on applications together.

23. Explore financial aid options.

24. Work on a resume.

25. Talk about dressing for success.

26. Do a pretend job interview.

27. Talk about how to look for a job.

28. Talk about where to find a job.

29. Find a summer job.

30. Set up a work internship.

31. Talk about making connections.

32. Talk about what it takes to get ahead.

33. Talk about health insurance.

34. Talk about taxes.

35. Talk about balancing a checkbook.

36. Talk about work and life.

37. Talk about credit cards.

38. Talk about savings and investments.

39. Go bargain hunting.

40. Plan a week's worth of meals.

41. Go holiday shopping.

42. Learn to write a thank-you note.

43. Go to a house of worship.

44. Celebrate a friend's religious holiday.

45. Talk about relationships.

46. Talk about personal values.

47. Talk about the future.

48. Visit a convalesent hospital.

49. Discuss politics.

50. Share your culture and background.

51. Go hiking.

52. Do some volunteer work together


Courtesy of: California Governor's Mentoring Partnership


Click here for a printable version: www.mentoring.org/downloads/mentoring_564.doc

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