Good Neighbor Advocates for People with Developmental Disabilities

4:17 PM, Jan 14, 2013   |    comments
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Lackawanna, NY - When you first meet Dan Porter, you might not expect him to be outspoken. Dan is in a wheelchair due to his developmental disabilities, but he's not at a loss for words if you are willing to listen.

Dan lives at Baker Victory Services Amber Lynne Facility. As a member of the self advocacy group, he speaks out for others who are not verbal.
He is not afraid to let those in charge know what residents need when it comes to treatment, food preparation and entertainment. He says. "That's when I feel most proud is when I can help out."

Vice President of Developmental Disabilities Programs at Baker Victory Services Susan Mentecki says, "I find it so rewarding to hear people say things that help us understand their interest and not have staff and administrators drive services to allow people and support people to drive their own services. Anytime we are basing our services on what people are telling us, they will always be better services because they will be a partner in whatever occurs."

Dan's also known for his wit and love of music, and those universal languages help him to be a good neighbor.

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