Battle of the Sexes With Dueling Expos

9:50 PM, Apr 28, 2013   |    comments
WNY Women's Expo
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Niagara Falls & Buffalo, NY - On Sunday we saw a battle of the sexes of sorts with dueling events for the guys and the gals.

First you got the mucho macho crowd at the Seneca Niagara Casino
Radio Personality Larry Norton says" Maybe a beer, some Playboy Playmates...things that guys like."
Then you got your feisty feminine group at the Hotel Lafayette... 
as event organizer Agathi Georgiou explains, "Anything that a woman would want to see on a Sunday when they're bored and just hanging out at home...this is the place to go."

That's right ladies and gentlemen, dueling events on a Sunday. Purposely Back to the guys. No ladies first here since the Buffalo Men's Show actually started first a few years ago. With a strictly masculine appeal to make part of the casino complex...a massive man cave with a lotta this and a lotta that. As Norton explains,  
"We have sports celebrities here...Jim Kelly, Scott Norwood, Danny Gare..Playboy Playmates, these cool cars . Cool stuff."

There was also legendary wrestler Hacksaw Jim Duggan, also signing autographs and just being tough. Norton says "You'll see people carrying two by fours for Hacksaw Jim Duggan. That was his thing. I was a little scared."

But others were just thrilled at the first ever Western New York Women's Expo at the luxurious Lafayette.
 "We have fashion shows and demonstrations and we have everything here from anything related to women." 
And they did have a fantastic time with guest hostesses like Channel 2's own Jennifer Stanonis and tons of fun.  Georgiou says "We have fondue, we have ice cream wine, we have again fashion shows. We have Ohh La La Boutique here...their fashion truck outside which is insane."

Both the Buffalo Men's Show and the WNY Women's Expo plan to be back next year with even more exhibits and vendors.

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