Old Erie County Home To Be Demolished

6:20 PM, Jun 12, 2013   |    comments
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Alden, NY - Town officials in Alden have been seeking answers from Erie County about what will happen with the site of the old Erie County Home on Walden Avenue.

There have been questions about the future of the 152 acre property and the 650 - thousand square foot complex.
Town officials were waiting for the county to release a consultant's report on possible re- use of the facility.

Alden Town Supervisor says "We were supposed to be getting a report on what the feasibility was to use it some other way. That was gonna be at the end of April, we haven't seen that yet."

2 On Your Side asked  the county "Even if you put a fence around it and say would cut off utilities, things of that nature, there is a concern that it could just deteriorate...what would you say to their concern ?"

Erie County Public Works Commissioner John Loffredo says " Well we're gonna secure it and our plan is to demolish it in segments so that there will be no problem."

The complex will be mothballed to get out hazardous materials like asbestos and then it will be torn down over five to ten years. The future use may be farmland or part of the nearby county correctional facility.















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