Tough Questons For Dr. Pamela Brown About Turnaround Plan

11:50 PM, Aug 23, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO,NY --- A plan for two failing high schools in Buffalo, East and Lafayette, has to be resubmitted to the state tomorrow.

Superintendent Doctor Pamela Brown took a lot of heat this week for delaying a meeting with the state scheduled for today, so she could see the President while he was in town.

She's refused to answer questions about this, until 2 on your side caught up with her tonight.

2 on your side asked Dr Pamela Brown, Superintendent of Buffalo Public Schools if she met with the President Thursday. Brown replied yes.

Dr. Brown, asked state education officials to delay her meeting with them, which was scheduled for Thursday until Friday. Brown requested the changes, so she could meet Obama during his stop in Buffalo.

The purpose of that pushed back meeting with state education officials was to help the Buffalo School District comply with state and federal requirements in its plan for turning around two failing high schools.

2 on your side asked Brown if it was worth delaying her trip to Albany. "I'll be heading there tonight and I'll be there tomorrow," Brown said. "We have been in contact with the state education department all week to make sure some of the documents that needed to be revised met with their approval."

The meeting with education officials will occur just hours before the district must submit a final revision of the plan. If a satisfactory plan is not submitted by Friday night, students may have to be removed from the failing high schools and enrolled at schools in good standing.

2 on your side asked Dr. Brown was her priority is, considering there's two failing high schools at stake.

"My priority is the children and I'm on way into here which has to do with read to succeed," Brown said.

Dr. Pamela Brown did not want to comment about what changes were made to the turnaround plan that will be submitted Friday.

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