Gorilla Born at the Buffalo Zoo

11:19 PM, Sep 7, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY-  It's a..  well, the folks at the Buffalo Zoo aren't sure yet but what they are sure of is a there's a new addition to the zoo's gorilla family.

The baby's mother, 12-year-old Lily and father, 26-year-old Koga welcomed their baby at 12:44 PM on Wednesday. Zoo officials say the first time mom has been taking great care of the newborn so keepers have not been able to get close enough to the baby to determine its gender, though they believe it's a girl.

Gorillas begin walking when they are between three and six months of age and are weaned around three years of age. The zoo says during this sensitive time, the gorillas will be given access to their interior holding areas should they desire more privacy. Because of that, they may not always be visible, but visitors are encouraged to check back regularly.

The baby western lowland gorilla will join the troop that also includes females Sydney and Amari.

The species is critically endangered due to loss of habitat in their native Africa as well as the bush meat trade.

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