Paladino's School Board Agenda: 32 Items

11:46 PM, Jul 10, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY - Buffalo School Board Member Carl Paladino has a lofty agenda going into tonight's school board meeting.

Paladino submitted more than 30 agenda items for the board to review, including requesting the resignation of Superintendent Pamela Brown, and several budget items.

WEB EXTRA: You can read Paladino's agenda here

School Board President Dr. Barbara A. Nevergold responded to Paladino's agenda in a memo stating that Dr. Brown is prepared to comment on most of the items.

WEB EXTRA: You can read Nevergold's memo here

The outspoken Paladino says he believes he can work effectively with other board members, as long as he feels they are being truthful with the voters and the schoolchildren they are elected to serve.

Paladino's proposals which from offering city school students an opportunity to attend vocational training at BOCES, to extending both the school day by an hour, and the school year by two weeks.

"I think teachers, given a proportionate increase in income, would not object to it," Paladino told WGRZ-TV. "The money's there. You just have to re-allocate it from other wasteful investments."

One place Paladino believes funds could be re-directed, is transportation.

$52 million a year is spent to bus kids, whereas if we switch to neighborhood schools, we can get rid of all that nonsense in bussing," he said.

After Board President Barbara Nevergold informed him that she will recommend that all but six of his 32 issues will be sent to committee for further study, Paladino said he was okay with it.

"If they want discuss item, fine, as long as the committee meetings are held on notice to the public, and they are open to the public and the press," he said.

However, among the half dozen of Paladino's issues that the board was expected , is the the most chronicled and perhaps most controversial:  his call for Superintendent of Schools Pamela Brown to resign, or be fired. Although that will be done in executive session, outside the public eye.

"This is not a school system experiencing a couple of problems. This is a school system that is a disaster," Paladino said.

The rest of Paladino's items, which the board is expected to address Wednesday, could be described more or less as low hanging fruit-- easy things...such as his call for board members to disclose family relationships when voting on items related to them (they're already required to) his call for the board to meet quarterly with state lawmakers who represent the city in Albany  (they already do) and to create an alliance with other upstate city school districts, which they already have in some form.

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