Buffalo Bike Lanes Causing Confusion

7:05 PM, Oct 3, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY - Humboldt Parkway is heavily traveled in the city of Buffalo. It is an exit off the 33 expressway. Now you will notice bike lanes.

Some are curvy when heading north. 2 On Your Side saw the most confusion on Humboldt and E. Ferry heading southbound. One lane is for drivers to turn left or go straight and the other lane is for drivers to turn right. Several drivers in the lane to turn right were going straight.

We watched traffic for two hours and saw only three bicyclists on Humboldt.

"It's really not a lot of bicyclists over here, it seems unnecessary to me," said Khadijah Jeader, a hair salon owner near the intersection.

Buffalo's Commissioner of Public Works & Streets is not ignoring the concerns of drivers. He told Claudine Ewing, ""we can evaluate that corner to see if we can make some signage or adjustments with striping to make it safer."

The city has received a handful of complaint calls on the 311 line. We heard a mixed response from residents, drivers and bicyclists on the road. " As everybody gets used to being on the roadway and sharing the roadway things will improve and people will use some of those lanes more often."

The city plans to install more bike lanes were appropriate.

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