Lawmakers Still Receive Perks During Shutdown

11:53 PM, Oct 9, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY -- Part of the shutdown includes furloughs for government workers and services that are temporarily closed. Many are questioning if it's fair that politicians still have "perks" available to them. The house gym, reserved exclusively for lawmakers remains open during the shutdown. However, the house gym for staff members is closed.

 A trolley that takes lawmakers to meetings and appointments -- that are within walking distance still remains staffed and operable during shutdown. Plus, politicians are still being paid.

 These services come from a pool of mandatory funds not affected by shutdown.

 "Oh, I think the fact that the money is there to keep the gym open and they're not closing it sends a terrible message," Thomas Schatz President of Citizens of Government Waste said. "This is a decision that could be made by congress and to demonstrate they get it, clearly they don't."

 Congressman Collins agrees, leaving the gym open sends a bad message. Collins plans to donate his pay during shutdown.

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