$18 Hydros Bottles, $3 iPod/iPhone Chargers

5:41 PM, Jul 17, 2012   |    comments
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BUFFALO, N.Y. -- This week Ways 2 Save takes a look at life-enhancing products.

Our first item up for grabs sells out every time I mention it. Proudly made in the USA, Hydros are self-filtering water bottles with a mission. The proceeds from each Hydros bottle sold will provide clean water for someone in need for one whole year.

Each filter replaces 150 bottles of water, a savings of around $139 for every 150 refills versus buying individual packs of bottled water. They're on sale today and better than anything I've tested.

Personally, I like the way our water tastes, but people seem to prefer these bottles on the go.

So here's the deal:

2 Hydros bottles

Was: $56
Now: $35 + $5 shipping

**You need to sign up to use today's award-winning website. It requires answering three quick questions and then you're good to go.

Here's why they're better than some of the other competing systems on the market and well worth the $18 per bottle (down from $28 each today).

• Faster filters and less flimsy than the Britta personal water bottles.
• Made in the U.S.A.
• Incredibly durable
• Dishwasher safe
• Through Operation Hydros, part of the proceeds from your purchase go to providing one person with clean water for a year
• Constructed from Tritan, the Hydros bottle is BPA free and phthalate free
• Reduces chlorine, chloramines and particulates from tap water
• The Hydros Fast Flow Filter is enhanced with natural antimicrobial protection to defend against the odor-causing bacteria that often makes other bottles stink.

Replacement filters are $10 and your first bottle comes outfitted with a filter so it's ready to use out of the box. If you're buying more than one, the price will drop even further. Again, these battles are vastly improved over last year's model.

And the other deals today also make life easier and more enjoyable.

96% off Philips 12-volt car charger for iPhone & iPod 

Was: $19.99
Now: $0.65 + $2.99 shipping

Coupon code: GRANDSLAM

UPDATE: The site is now charging $6.99 for shipping unfortunately. Still a great deal but I wish the shipping was $2.99


70% off 19-piece accessory bundle for Apple iPhone & iPod + free shipping 

Was: $49.99
Now: $14.99


49% off Michelin MN-12279 digital tire gauge + free shipping over $25 

Was: $29.99
Now: $15.19


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