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9:18 AM, Jul 1, 2011   |    comments
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Cell phones make it easier for parents and teens to stay in touch, but the nature and tone of their calls can have an affect on their relationship and self esteem.
"No Crossed Wires" is the title of a new study where 196 pairs of a teen and parent answered questionnaires about calls to one another and their impact.
Some moms and their daughters were polled about their cell phone relationships.

Here's what the Crossed Wires Study finds:
Teens who call their parents for guidance or support report better relationships.
2.  Parents who initiate calls to monitor, track school work or when they are upset were associated with increased conflict.
3.  Teens said they feel worse about themselves when parents angrily call them.
4.  Parents also feel worse about themselves when they call when upset.

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