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11:56 AM, Jul 11, 2011   |    comments
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The largest gathering ever of people who stutter and their families is happening right now in the Dallas area.

Many of them are children who may have arrived frightened and scared... but are already learning they're not alone.

Stuttering....and research about a lot of positive attention last year with the release of the movie 'The King's Speech'.

Dr. Scott Yaruss from University of Pittsburgh says: "There's been a lot of outreach programs talking more to clinicians and therapists, talking more to parents, talking directly to kids to show them the benefit of coming together with other people who stutter."

in one workshop...children pretend to be reporters and take turns interviewing each other.. while in another room...parents share their thoughts.

Dr. Scott Yaruss from University of Pittsburgh says: "They come to an event like this, and not only do they meet another person who stutters and another person who stutters, but they meet hundreds of other people who stutter and it helps to break through that isolation they feel, that loneliness and shame they feel about something that's not their fault."

Research about stuttering is progressing rapidly. scientists now know genetics play a role... and that a stutterer's brain processes language differently.

An estimated 3-million americans stutter -- many of them children.

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