Pet Acupuncture

10:50 AM, Oct 8, 2012   |    comments
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you've heard of living a balanced lifestyle of body, mind, heart and spirit.  when we hear those words... we often think of eastern culture... the chinese for example. well now... there's a new push to get our pets in that mind-set too. As NBC's Don Shipman explains... some animal hospitals are now offering acupuncture.

5-year old chloe is being treated for a sore hip today.

dr. abby regner, veterinarian: "chloe came to me for some lameness issues, very mild. she's used a lot for trail riding. and their always going for long walks..and the owner noticed just a light, bit uneasiness."

but chloe isn't receiving care the traditional way.  instead.. she's getting acupuncture.

dr. abby regner, veterinarian: "i can feel a difference in the tissue density. so if sometimes if they are having a certain problem it'll feel softer or harder... or there will be slight reflex under my fingers, which i can feel."

the entire process takes about 30 minutes.  it works just like acupuncture on us humans. --and it's working.

Charlie goetz, chloe's owner:  "when i brush you can see if she's sore by the way she reacts to my brushing and now i just see a horse that's happy, she puts her head down and sleep when i groom her."

also today... this dog named millie is being treated.  she's here for ichy, dry skin.

dr. abby regner, veterinarian: "i try not to treat any patient with just western or just so-called eastern medicine, but try to integrate the two so all my patients get the benefits of both."

dr. regner says acupuncture also works well on pets suffering from arthritis, joint abnormalities, anxiety, and asthma... just to name a few.

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