Baby food found to have high levels of Sodium

9:59 AM, Apr 8, 2013   |    comments
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researchers at the centers for disease control and prevention looked at the sodium levels of more than a thousand baby and toddler food products.

they found commercial foods for babies and infants were relatively low in salt, like stage one through three baby food purees.

but more than 70-percent of toddler meals and snacks had high levels -- with some reaching more than half the recommended daily amount.

those foods included flavored crackers and veggie puffs, and miniature meals like macaroni and cheese or other pastas sold in ready-to-eat containers.

the researchers say babies are born without a taste for salt -- so the longer parents wait to expose them to that taste -- the better their chance of following a low sodium diet.

parents should read nutrition facts and labels, and choose products with the lowest amount of sodium.

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