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Step by Step Instructions

11:29 AM, Oct 15, 2013   |    comments
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Swiss Ball Twists Exercise


1. Begin by lying flat on your back on a Swiss ball. Be careful not to roll off the ball. Hands placed at your ears with your elbows back, position your feet shoulder width apart with the majority of your weight resting on your back.

2. Without losing your balance, raise your head and shoulders upwards towards the ceiling until your reach a 45-degree angle. Begin to rotate your torso, using your abdomen towards you opposite side. For example, rotate your torso so that your right elbow is moving towards tour left knee after you have elevated to 45 degrees. Repeat the same rotational pattern for all repetitions on the same side before you switch and rotate towards the opposite knee.

3. Exhale as you raise your head and shoulders up; inhale as you return to the floor.

(Note, you will feel an initial strain on the front part of your neck. You are not doing the exercise incorrectly. In this initial stage your neck is not strong enough to hold the weight of your head. It will get stronger as you keep performing this exercise.)

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