Product Test: Aluma Wallet

9:25 AM, Jun 16, 2011   |    comments
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Product Test: Aluma Wallet

We bought the Aluma Wallet at Target for $10.00. It promises to be indestructable. Our tester, Nance was excited about this because she'd wondered about the wallet.

First we wanted to see how much could fit in the wallet. It filled up nicely. Then, on to the water resistant claim. We ran it under water and the stuff inside did not get wet. When our tester dropped the wallet in the sink, however, everything spilled out and got soaked!

We tried dropping the wallet on concrete and it opened up. Then, for the crush-resistant claim, Nance simply stepped on the wallet. Turns out, it is NOT indestructable. The wallet was busted.

Our tester gave the product two thumbs up.


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