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Product Test: Dryel on the Go

8:01 AM, Aug 22, 2011   |    comments
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Product Test: Dryel on the Go

You can buy the Dryel on the Go at most drug and retail stores for around $3.  The product promises to be an instant stain remover. Channel Two staffer, Allison spilled some strawberry yogurt on her white pants -- and we knew this was the perfect time to test Dryel on the Go.

The directions say to rub Dryel on the stain like an eraser. Allison rubbed for about a minute and was left with a wet spot. A few minutes later, the spot dried and the stain was gone. Our tester was very happy with the product. It got the stain out without leaving a ring or any residue behind.  The product was given two thumbs up.


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