Product Test: Egg Poach Pod

7:44 AM, Oct 6, 2011   |    comments
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Product Test: Egg Poach Pod

You can buy a set of two Egg Poach Pods at for 3.99, plus shipping.

The product is simple to use. Just boil some water, reduce to simmer, crack an egg in the pod and place the pod in the water. Cover the pan and let cook for four to six minutes.

Our tester, Sandy thought it was very easy. She took the lid off and found the silicone pod to not be very hot at all. In fact, she could use her hands to take it out of the water and flip the egg on a plate. The egg cooked to perfection. A perfectly poached egg.

Easy to use and easy clean up. The Egg Poach Pod is getting two thumbs up.   








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