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Ways 2 Save: $35 Ultimate Juicer, FREE Ringtones

3:16 PM, Jul 25, 2012   |    comments
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BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Today there's a reason to celebrate the savings and I've followed up on more of your requests to put this Ways 2 Save together.

Whether you're looking to save money on the go via your smartphone or juicing up a storm at home, there's a lot to get to.

Also if you want more deals, I'll be sending those out after the show via Twitter. CLICK HERE

First up, the excellent Ultimate Juicer is at its lowest recorded price today: $34.77 plus free shipping via coupon code OFFERSCOM.

The stainless steel, extremely powerful juicer that you've seen me test several times on our air (and I also bought one a year ago) is down from its $100 price point today and I expect it to sell out very quickly.

CLICK HERE and if the shipping coupon is maxed out, you can also try free shipping code JD2K11.

And now it's time for no cost, spam-free ringtones!

Considering many people will spend more than $70 per year on ringtones (not my thing, but I hear you), it's time to stop paying for high quality songs that you already have access to. Today I'm revisiting my favorite ringtone website in the country.

There are a lot of websites out there, but many of them will spam you or you'll end up paying some type of other hidden fee somewhere along the line.

Myxer is different and it's in a cheap league of its own.

I love Myxer. It has ringtones that you can purchase, but most importantly it allows you to make a ringtone out of music you already own.

That means MP3s already on your computer can be quickly edited and turned into ringtones. You can also turn photos you already have into smartphone wallpaper.

You can also buy a ringtone as "premium content," but in my opinion, there's nothing better than free -- especially if you already own the music.

There's also a Myxer app, which I highly recommend. It works great with iPhones, Blackberry and Android phones, plus I had a ringtone created in under a minute.

Today's site is an award-winner and it's proved very successful for viewers who have sampled my suggestion in the past. CLICK HERE

Happy Myxing and happy juicing!


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