Top K-Cup, Coffee Deals This Season

7:57 AM, Mar 26, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY -- Caffeine doesn't get any better or cheaper than this. Today is hands-down the best single day of the season to stock up on coffee or a brewer.

I've collected thousands of your coffee and deal requests and consider this a top time to load up. Despite a lot of stock, I expect these overnight deals to disappear quickly with prices at their lowest.

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Top Coffee Deals

40% off any 100% Moloka'i Coffees

Exclusive code: OFFERS

Free shipping over $40, so stock up!
**One of the most requested deals from our viewers; prices are at all-time lows.

40% Off Keurig K-Cups + Free Shipping


Alternate Deal:

$0.34 per K-Cup San Francisco Bay Breakfast Blend + Free Ship
Now: $27.50

**Please note Amazon has imposed a shipping delay due to thousands of viewer orders and high demand this morning.


Top Maker Deals

$54 off Keurig Elite 40 coffee brewer + free shipping

Was: $149.99
Now: $95.99



$50 off select Nespresso Pixie machines + $6.95 shipping

Was: $229
Now: $179


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