Make Your Phone Bill Disappear

12:17 AM, Jul 21, 2009   |    comments
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In our continued search to help you save time and money, we thought we'd share some savings tips to make your phone bill disappear.

We've received many requests from viewers asking how to cut down on phone costs. And if you have family or friends across the country, or a teen studying abroad, it's time to make your phone bill disappear.

Our first suggestion has been tested and adored by Ways 2 Save viewer Bob Husband who is now saving at least $60/month by not having a home phone bill at all.

The concept is simple: a box from Ooma will translate your high-speed internet connection into a FREE local and long distance service indefinitely. After paying for the box (we've found prices online ranging from $150 to $249), your savings will add up quickly. The phone connection quality is unbeatable and the award-winning customer service is based right here in the U.S. CLICK HERE.

Now if you decide you don't want to buy a box or you're more of a cell phone user, we have two other great ways to crack down on long distance charges that don't involve buying any boxes.

The following 2 Options Work with Cell Phones & Landlines:

1. PINGO: crystal clear connections, easy to set-up accounts (your account # is your phone number), and unbelievable rates that allow you to place calls for DIRT cheap. It works on all phones with any provider and there are no hidden service fees.

*the downside: terrible customer service, almost no one to talk to, so we highly suggest setting up your account online as the company's concept of customer service is pathetic in our experience but the product is phenomenal. CLICK HERE.

2. NOBELCOM: innovative calling cards, considered to be one of the best calling card companies in the world by Kiplingers. The rates here are great, but not quite as perfect as PINGO, but there is impressive customer service with this company... based on our experience. You'll want to chose your calling card/plan carefully with this company as some of the best rates involve a 99 cent service fee per week, and some plans round up per minute. All terms and conditions, are clearly spelled out. CLICK HERE.

Hopefully the 3 suggestions above will help you cut down on household costs. We of course love Skype and have done well with MagicJack but we wanted to highlight some of the lesser-known alternatives out there.

Enjoy and Happy Savings!



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