Huge Pharmacy Discounts, SHIPPED FREE

5:31 PM, Mar 11, 2010   |    comments
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I test dozens of websites every day but since I last tried Alice about a year ago, it has changed my online life.

I no longer go to Rite Aid, Walgreens or CVS. I'm no longer checking my medicine cabinet every two weeks and I don't wait in line at Target or Walmart for dozens of rolls of papertowel that I don't want to carry to my car. Call me lazy; I just call myself an Alice-Lover.

Alice is an unbelieveable website, concept and best friend for your wallet. I couldn't possibly sum it up in one paragraph but it will save you big on everything from Febreeze to facial tissue. Set up a profile, search the items you want to buy and the website automatically applies coupons, keeps track of what you use and how often, updates your shopping lists and sends your order to your door for free... in about two days.

The customer service is amazing, the website is beautiful and the prices are great. You also get wonderful samples with each order. This is especaily wonderful in the winter and a great way to save gas if you don't live near a bulk pharmacy store.

Before you send out an angry email saying you found something for cheaper at Walmart... this website will not beat every price out there. It beats a lot, matches most but special sales and discounts at competing stores will not be topped. On the other hand, Alice also has special discounts that wont' be topped by other stores.

This site is for overall savings, ease (if you hate clipping coupons) and efficiency. If you're a cynic, I reccomend placing just one order and seeing what Alice does for you.


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