Lockport's Eyesore: Old Simonds Saw & Steel

6:40 PM, Jan 7, 2011   |    comments
Downtown Lockport, NY
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A viewer used Facebook to send a Tipline request about a certain vacant building in the city of Lockport.

Christopher wrote "So up here in Lockport we have this monster abandoned building. It's probably the biggest eye sore of the city. I was wondering if you guys have ever run anything about eye sores and why they don't get torn down. The place is on Ohio Street."

We contacted Lockport Mayor Michael Tucker who told us that "eye-sore" is actually the building which housed the old Simonds Saw & Steel plant. The building was in turn sold to another steel firm but it is now "excised property" which means there is no clear owner. It is adjacent to property owned by the Alleghany Ludlum plant.  

The other problem is the contamination. Tucker says part of the building has been designated as a Superfund site for cleanup. The Mayor says there may be some radioactive wastes because Simonds was actually contracted to help with the old Manhattan Project which helped develop atomic weapons.

Tucker says the Army Corps of Engineers and State DEC are handling the cleanup work. He expects that cleanup will take at least three to four years. Then the eventual plan is to tear the building down and make the site suitable for new industrial development.              


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