Paul Cambria Feels A Need For Speed

12:25 PM, Jul 20, 2013   |    comments
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LANCASTER, N.Y. - Most of us know Paul Cambria as the high powered criminal defense attorney who has been named as one of the top lawyers in America

But there's another side to Cambria, one you could say feels a need- a need for speed.

If a courtroom is the place where Paul Cambria feels the most comfortable, then the track finishes a close second.

Cambria's 2012 Copo Camaro draws a lot of attention wherever he goes, like last week at the old Lancaster Speedway, and it should.

This is not your father's Camaro. This one has 1140 horsepower.

And last year Cambria set a national super stock car record in it going 161 miles an hour in a quarter of a mile, start to finish to about eight and a half seconds.

Scott Brown: "Are there any similarities between this and what you do during the day?"

Paul Cambria: Well, in the sense that you have to use your brain, you're competitive, there is strategy involved. The similarities are there's a lot of competition which is exactly what defense lawyer trial work like I do is. It's all competition, you're competing against prosecutors and so on. So it is, very much so."

Cambria started drag racing on the streets as a kid growing up in Fredonia. He's been racing --legally -- on the track on and off for the last 25 years.

And for Cambria racing has become a family affair, his wife Paula races as well and nearly every weekend in the spring and summer Cambria and his family are taking part in competitions up and down the East Coast.

Paul Cambria: "We love the competition, it's a big family thing, we have our children with us all the time, we travel around the country, it's just fun and it's very hard. Hard to win, there's a million ways to lose and only a couple of ways to win and sometimes luck works better than skill. It's a great challenge and it's a wonderful family sport for us."

Working at his day job, Cambria has has also been at the the top of his profession, arguing cases before the Supreme Court and defending everyone from Larry Flynt  to Marilyn Manson.

Scott Brown: "You get a bigger rush out of this or appearing before the U.S. Supreme Court?"

Paul Cambria: "Well no there's nothing like the law, this is a close second but there's nothing like the Supreme Court, I've been there three times and I hope to go a few more before I hang up my law books, we'll see how it goes but that's quite a thrill."

For Cambria whether it's in a courtroom, or in his Camaro, the thrills keep coming.



















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