WNY Woman Stranded In Europe Gets to Come Home Saturday

11:49 PM, Jul 25, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, N.Y. -- After a week of waiting, Eden resident Eve Ogrodniczak, who has been stranded in Europe, got news that she had been waiting to hear -- she's now booked for a flight to come home.

Eve had been vacationing in Poland. She had no problems getting to Europe, but when she went to the airport to come home, a worker with Lufthansa Airlines told her that her ticket had been canceled due to "potential fraud."

She says she couldn't get any answers from the airline as to why this happened, and her credit card company told her the payment was properly processed and there was no fraud.

2 On Your Side has been speaking with the airline since Wednesday, and finally they agreed to re-issue Eve a ticket. She will be coming back to Western New York this coming Saturday.

Reached by email, Eve said she's thankful to be coming home.

At this point, the airline is not admitting any wrongdoing or that it made a mistake. A representative says the airline is still investigating exactly what happened and why Eve's ticket was canceled.

Eve says she expects to be compensated for the money she spent while stranded in Europe and for the time she lost over the past week.

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