Town of Perry Fined for Breaking Up Beaver Dam

11:49 PM, Oct 10, 2013   |    comments
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PERRY, NY - Officials in this Wyoming County community recently agreed that they broke state environmental law when a wetlands area was drained without proper permits.

Now they're paying for it. 

At one time a field along Beadsley Road was a fishing pond created in part by a beaver dam. But a Department of Environmental Conservation investigation determined that the Town of Perry Highway Superintendent opened the beaver dam with a shovel.

That caused the surrounding wetland and pond to drain.

The state says about 1,000 fish died.

So the state fined the town and highway superintendent $2,500. That amount was reduced from $12,000 in a consent agreement with the town.

We learned about this story from the 2 On Your Side Tipline.

The town has agreed to restore the dam and re-stock the fish in its pond.

Meanwhile, a Wyoming County highway crew is actually working on a blocked culvert under Beardsley Road in that area to prevent sinkholes.

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