Heather Ly's Blog: Emmys, Yankees and the Naked Cowboy's Competition

6:39 AM, Apr 23, 2013   |    comments
  • Ryder's good luck message! So cute I can't stand it!
  • Orioles at bat...still no Pope
  • Always a White Sox fan...but Yankee stadium is pretty sweet!
  • Even NYC's Naked Cowboy has some competition! (PS He's in line for cheesecake.)
  • me and my husband-to-be...just wish he wouldn't spend so much time doing his hair...
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I was hoping to bring home a shiny new wedding cake topper last week, but alas, no Emmy for me. 

It really is an honor to be nominated, especially when you consider the competition: thousands of entries, mostly from New York City stations...and only a few hundred are nominated.  A little over a hundred nominees actually win.

I was nominated for the story I did about Ryder (click here to watch).  He is an incredibly cute little boy who has an amazing talent and passion for hockey.  He was born with a condition in which one of his legs stopped growing in utero.  His parents' insurance company only covered a very basic prosthetic.  After the story ran, an anonymous donor purchased two specialized prosthetics so Ryder could play his favorite sport.

Ryder's mom, Mindy, sent me a good luck tweet and picture of Ryder the day before the Emmys (too cute to handle! He's wearing a little tux!)

I came back to work on Tuesday, and on my desk I found a gorgeous arrangement from Ryder and his parents.

Although it would have been cool to win (and I say this with all due respect), the committee can keep their Emmy.  That picture of Ryder in his tux, the generosity of his family...and the amazing donor who was kind and giving and allowed Ryder to follow his passion -- that's worth so much more than a statue in my book!

I've included some pictures from my long weekend in the Big Apple.





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